What is lifestyle and documentary photography ?

Lifestyle photography is a stress free and minimal posing environment. You will be guided throughout the session. For example, towards where to walk or which way to face, all while acting natural and never really looking directly at the camera.

Documentary photography is storytelling photography. As opposed to lifestyle where there is minimal guidance, this style is completely guidance free. It mainly captures people in real life events, milestones, or on a very ordinary day. In-home sessions are great for capturing this style! Completely raw, authentic, in the moment documenting. The primal goal is to tell stories about people's lives in such a way that when you look back at this serie of images, you can really feel and remember these special moments shared with your loved ones, because it is a true reflection of how your life was, from the clothes you wore, the interaction between you, the activities you did, to the tiny details in your home that you may have forgotten.

I use both approaches, to make everybody comfortable in front of the camera.

Where do we capture these moments ?

The most important part of the session is the emotion and the interaction between the subjects. The choice of the location is up to you, but I do suggest going somewhere familiar that you are at ease and comfortable. It can be an in-home session, or somewhere that you enjoy being. I am all up for adventures, but you are the leader of this special glimpse! I do suggest doing an activity that you love to do : baking, going to a park, have coffee at your favorite coffee shop, play music, in-home lounging, hiking, taking a walk in the city, and the list goes on! Think about it, what do you and/or your family like to do ?!

Are you bilingual ?

Oui, ma langue première est le français! Je suis parfaitement bilingue.

How far in advance should we book ?

For weddings, I strongly suggest booking a year in advance, although I do have some free space left a few months ahead, sometimes… For family, corporate and all of the rest, I recommend booking about a month or 2 in advance.

Do you have gift certificates ?

Yes, and they make the absolute best gifts! Some people do not always think to take time to slow down and document their family moments, and this is why it is a thoughtful gift to offer!







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